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New Women Ancient Traditions

Building Wisdom in Wombwellnes 

Welcome to The Mothership

Welcome to the Mothership where we are

 New Women with Ancient Wisdom.

Our Mission is to:

To inspire new women to utilize ancient birth wisdom through access, education, and storytelling.

We have gained a solid reputation for helping women to feel inspired and empowered by birth. We teach childbirth education, nutrition counseling, natural laboring techniques, prenatal yoga, and everything a woman needs to go from pregnancy to parenting! It is our goal to support 1 million women worldwide on this journey while giving them the education that they need to make wise and informed decisions regarding their health and the health of their children. We truly believe that when a woman is mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy, her family will flourish. 

The Mothership is able to provide events and services because of caring people like you.  We are a  501c3 charitable organization and a collective of Wombmen who support one another as they have been supported.

A Woman's Place Is  A Place Of Power 


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Supportive Community 

As a non-profit, we rely on the generosity of our community partners and alumni. 

Help us bring more programs to more families throughout 

Cincinnati, Ohio and beyond. Give to our organization today.

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We Make Our Supporters Proud 

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