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The Mothership Institute 

It is the Mothership’s mission to support mothers in their pursuit to develop stable families. We provide information, education and inspiration to mother’s for the purpose of raising health and gestational awareness as well as restoring self value for Wombmen who may have lost it.

The Mothership is a Common Unified Front of wombmen focused on protecting, preserving and sustaining a wombman's right to health, natural birth and sound relations.

We bring services with priority to Wombmen of Color who statistically have less access to such services, providing natural wellness care for mothers and children, vital nutrition courses and workshops, doula training, childbirth education, lactation, resources, girls rites of passage and relationship counseling.

The Mothership’s Birth and Womb Workers are considered Aninti, or The Cultivators of Wombmen, because each Aninti of The Mothership is a literal resource center of information, resources and support.

A Mothership Aninti can provide a continuity of care that is lacking in our fragmented health care and social service systems. She can support the woman prenatally, during birth, postpartum, parenting and with family life.

Our Founding Director

Mama Mawusi Ashshakir Traditional Midwife, ND, MH

Mama Mawusi Ashshakir is Founding Director of The Mothership Inc. A 20 year Traditional Midwife trained by Dr. Nana Siti Opio a Grand Midwife and Naturopathic Doctor. Mawusi is a Traditional Indigenous Midwife (initiated Iya Abiye, Sunu ReRet) Traditional Natropathic Physician (Sunu), Master Herbalist, Master Kemetic Reiki Practitioner (Seba) and Initiated Kemetic Yoga Instructor (Basu). She crafted The Mothership Institute of Womb Wellness and Wholistic Health with the aspiration to pass on the knowledge she has amassed onto the next generation of healers and birth workers.

Our Team


Montu Ashshakir 





Aramenta Ashshakir 

Executive Assistant

WBD, CLC, CFS, Executive Assistant

Akilah Ashshakir

Rites of Passage Facilitator 


Rites Of Passage Curriculum


Ameera Madzimoyo

Senior Strategist

WBD, CLC, CFS, Postpartum Personal Trainer

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