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Who We Are and what we stand for

It is the Mothership’s mission to support mothers in their pursuit to develop stable families. We provide information, education and inspiration to mother’s for the purpose of raising health and gestational awareness as well as restoring self value for Wombmen who may have lost it.

The Mothership is a Common Unified Front of wombmen focused on protecting, preserving and sustaining a wombman's right to health, natural birth and sound relations.

We bring services with priority to Wombmen of Color who statistically have less access to such services, providing natural wellness care for mothers and children, vital nutrition courses and workshops, doula training, childbirth education, lactation, resources, girls rites of passage and relationship counseling.

The Mothership’s Birth and Womb Workers are considered Aninti, or The Cultivators of Wombmen, because each Aninti of The Mothership is a literal resource center of information, resources and support.

A Mothership Aninti can provide a continuity of care that is lacking in our fragmented health care and social service systems. She can support the woman prenatally, during birth, postpartum, parenting and with family life.

Mama Mawusi Ashshakir, ND, MH, Midwife

Founder and Guardian Director

The Creator has a master plan and the plan for me is to fully live out the power and potential of Afrikan Wombmanhood. I am a Master Herbalist, Traditional Midwife of 20 years, Traditional Naturopathic Physician, Certified Childbirth Educator, Doula and Lactation consultant.

I have been healing by using wholistic methods consciously for 25 years. I learned herbalism, nutrition and midwifery through an apprenticeship with Dr. Siti Opio. To this day she is my guide, Spiritual Mother and role model. I am a wife of 30 years, mother of 7 brilliant health conscious, homeschooled children and 9 grandchildren. I am an Afrakan Culture Keeper. My focus on culture Nation Building began with my devotion to my children whose intelligence gave me the confidence to homeschool, homebirth, build communal economic systems, become a healer, grow food and learn sustainable building methods. As a result, I have devoted myself to my people by creating 5 nation building institutions to support and aid Sustainable Self Sufficiency: The Mothership which trains birth workers, The Body Temple Institute of Wholistic Health and Herbal Studies, Akoko Nan Freeschool Resource Center, Rising Academy Of The Sun, and Daughters of the Clay Rites Of Passage for girls. My vision is to institute life empowering programs that inspire people to seek Liberation Information for themselves, thereby creating sustainably stronger families and communities.

Our Team Of Aninti

Community Pillars and Cultivators Of Wombmen

Aninti Ameera Madzimoyo

WCD, CLC, CFS, Postpartum Personal Trainer

Aninti Ashanti Ashs

WCD, CLC, CFS, Social media brand Executive

Aninti Akilah Obasi


Rites Of Passage Curriculum 


Aninti Sesheta Tafari Onile

Holistic Birth and Postpartum Doula. Doula Trainer. Womb Wellness Coach. Fertility Doula

Aninti Aramenta Ashshakir

WCD, CLC, CFS, Executive Assistant

Baba Montu Ashshakir