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Professional Member 

To become a professional member is to become a pillar of The Mothership Institute of Wombwellness.  We are an international organization for Women's wellness.  Supporting Women of Color in The U.S., Guadaloupe, Jamacia, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, and France. We have had a reputation for culturally relevant, experienced-based care since 2001.  

Our work has made drastic improvements in birth outcomes and has also impacted the lives of birth professionals.  Together we will win is our motto and our goal is to unify the womb, birth, and girls groups to create a full circle of Women's health and wellness.  

Join us as we create a shoulder-to-shoulder effort to build a front-line of womb health workers who can continue the legacy of Traditional Birth work on into the future.  

Our Professional Membership organization has a $10 per month membership fee that gives the professional these benefits:

  • 4 Masters classes per year

  • Discounts on add-on certifications 

  • Mentorship

  • Discount on The Mothership Conference Retreat 

  •  Access to our research portal 

  • **Access to our insurance reimbursement program 

  • **Access to our Doula Business Incubator





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